Sirius Radio Channels

What is SiriusXM?

The short answer is that SiriusXM is a subscription satellite radio service with over 175 different Sirius radio channels catering to all tastes. However; this description really doesn’t do it justice. SiriusXM is so much more than that.

What really makes SiriusXM essential listening and the reason so many people are tuning in; is SiruisXM’s large stable of stand-out talent. Including comedians such as Jim Norton and Ron Bennington, talk radio icon Howard Stern and even channels dedicated to iconic musicians such as Bruce Springsteen. SiruisXM has gained over 25 million subscribers from across the United States since Sirius merged with XM at the turn of the millennium and this can be directly attributed to the star talent it continues to attract. There’s also 75 channels dedicated to commercial-free music.

It’s not only entertainment on offer, SiriusXM is well known for having a diverse selection of news, current affairs, traffic & weather and sport channels.

Sirius radio channels also broadcast 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Sirius Radio Channels

How to listen to SiriusXM?

There are a multitude of different methods you can use to tune into SiriusXM. You can listen to Sirius radio channels in your car, on your smartphone, on a laptop, tablet or desktop PC, or through a satellite radio receiver at home.

Most new vehicles are equipped to receive SiriusXM. If you have an older vehicle, installing a satellite radio receiver in your vehicle is easy to do and inexpensive.

SiriusXM is broadcast throughout the United States and up to 200 miles offshore. There are even channels catered to mariners and aviators. These channels feature special broadcasts complete with detailed weather and condition forecasts focusing on storm front activity, tracking lightening strikes and wind and wave activity.

All that is required to listen to SiriusXM is a subscription and in some cases the downloading of an app which will enable your smartphone or tablet to receive Sirius radio channels over your device’s internet.

Where to buy SiriusXM?

This is where you can browse all the latest packages and special offers that are available. Through this section of their website SiriusXM also sell radios and accessories. This is useful if your current radio is not compatible with the service.

If the options available are a little bewildering, then you can always try going to the following link:

As the page title suggest, here are listed the most popular subscription packages.

If you have a satellite radio receiver at home or in your vehicle “All Access” unlocks all Sirius radio channels for $19.99 per month. If you’re only really interested in commercial-free music then “Mostly Music” costs just 10.99 per month.

For 14.99 you can subscribe to Sirius Streaming to listen to Sirius over PC or Mac. For an additional $4 you can stream Sirius directly to your smartphone or tablet.

Where to download Sirius?

The SiriusXM app can be downloaded on both the iTunes App Store and Google Play as well as Amazon’s App Store For Android.

The app itself is free but you will need a subscription or a free trial to one of SiriusXM’s packages to be able to receive Sirius radio channels.

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